Build STR Wealth Bootcamp June 2021

The Replays

Recordings from the June 2021 2-Day Event For Short Term Rental Hosts

Who is this for?

These recordings are for existing short-term rental hosts looking to increase profit within your portfolio, streamline automation and processes to reduce stress and wasted time while scaling. They are also for the investor looking to purchase their first property or just get started.

This Bootcamp will be an immersive deep dive into advanced hosting strategies, tactics, and tools, so be ready to take lots of notes.

For experienced hosts, new hosts, investors, and more...

This is NOT for...

Someone that is looking to get rich quick, is looking for passive income without work, isn’t committed to running your STR like a business.

Building wealth is a slow process that takes patience, being financially driven, and commitment to self-education and investing in strategies.

Learn your next steps to scale, grow, automate, and purchasing money printing properties

After watching the replays from the 2-Day  event, you will walk away with:

  • An Action Plan to execute and know precisely what your next steps are to increase your ADR and profit
  • ​How to prepare your financials for your first or subsequent property acquisition
  • ​The automation you need to implement to create scale
  • ​How to self manage
  • ​How to identify the best-emerging markets to invest into
  • ​And so much more

The Experience

Build STR Wealth Boot Camp is 2 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts that have been in your shoes and have turned their short-term rental businesses into juggernauts.

There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of the training sessions. Everything you hear, learn, and experience at Build STR Wealth Boot Camp are tested, proven tactics to increase profit, Average Daily Rate, and build long-term wealth.

What you will get...

  • The Famous Flash Drive jam-packed with checklists, email/message scripts, and financial spreadsheets
  • All of the presentations
  • Recordings of all of the sessions (To be made available by June 21, 2021)

Meet Your Host Bill Faeth.

Bill has been involved in real estate for almost 25 years with both commercial and residential investing. In 2015 he switched the majority of his residential portfolio to short-term rentals from long term after seeing an opportunity to increase profit and reduce risk.

Bill currently has a multi-million dollar portfolio of short-term rental properties primarily located in vacation rental markets with a focus on beach, lake, and mountain properties.

He has leveraged years of successful business growth strategies to specialize in maximizing vacation rental profits by turning $50,000 annual revenue properties into $90,000 properties yielding high profit via self-management.

Bill shares these profit-boosting strategies along with how to self-manage, holding real estate, and so much more so you can build your short-term rental wealth while your guests make your mortgage payments.
Bill Faeth
Build STR Wealth

What Hosts Say About Bill

Lori Lochtefeld
Build STR Wealth Mastermind Member
Justin Schoener
Build STR Wealth Mastermind Member
"Bill Faeth. I took your advice as well - not going to lie, I thought you were crazy, lol- but man it's worked like a charm! Thank you for being willing to share and give your advice!"
- Katie Ross
"You do know, you peaked my interest after several of your emails, I finally decided to open. NOW MY TIME is spent devouring the Superhost Library, then devouring the AirDNA course, then 7 Golden Rules for Airbnb hosts... GREAT STUFF, valuable!"
- Louie Lpz
"I have learned so much from you already in just a few weeks! Grateful to have found you!"
- Melinda Edenfield
Guest Keynote Speakers
Noble Crawford III
Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant
Noble is a 7-year business owner and principal partner in the short-term rental industry. His diverse background spans several years in hospitality, technology, and sales & marketing.

Noble has worked with brands such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and more. His experience enables him to teach his students how to collaborate with multifamily owners & property management firms to create win-win partnerships.

He dives deep into understanding buyer (guest) personas and how critical they are to increasing bookings and growing revenue.
TJ Tijani
Rentalpreneur, Investor, Consultant
TJ Tijani graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2012. While working in the oil and gas industry, he bought his first investment property in 2015. Between 2015 – 2017, TJ went on to complete several wholesale and fix and flip transactions. He also purchased several rental properties as well.

In 2017, TJ discovered the short-term rental strategy and hasn’t looked back. TJ bought and remodeled his first short-term rental property in November 2017. His portfolio now consists of a mix of single and multi-family properties that he buys, remodels, furnishes, and turns into full-time short-term rentals. He also has full-time units that he rents via a rental arbitrage. TJ now teaches and educates others on how they can do the same thing. 
Jeff Chisum
Mortgage Expert
Jeff has been originating mortgages since 2008. Along with the help of his amazing team, they have helped almost 2000 families realize the dream of building wealth through real estate.

He has found a significant opportunity to share with others that the entry point to purchasing a vacation home that can also be rented requires only 10% for the down payment. Almost two years ago Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two biggest residential mortgage investors, put a policy in place that allowed for this arrangement to be acceptable. In most areas, the Conventional loan limits are $548,250 and we have a way to structure 10% down loans up to $748,250.
Michael Sjogren
Investor, Consultant, Coach
Michael is the host of the Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast and founder of the Short Term Rental Secrets Mastermind, a training, and mastermind program that helps investors launch, automate and scale their short term rental portfolios. 

Michael and his wife Krysten founded Occupied, LLC, a national short-term rental investment and management company in 2017, as a vehicle to build passive income so they could stop trading away time from family for a paycheck. That vision came to fruition within 18 months when their short-term rental portfolio replaced their income and Krysten and Michael both left their corporate jobs. They are based out of Boston, MA, and currently have a portfolio of 43 short-term rental properties across four states including 2 boutique hotels on Boston’s north shore.


Build STR Wealth Boot Camp is 2 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts that have been in your shoes and have turned their short-term rental businesses into juggernauts.

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